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2016 Humorous Speech & Table Topic Contest

November 3, 2016

Dear Toast of CIBC Members,

We are pleased to announced that we had successfully completed our Annual Fall Contests. We had Humorous Contest on September 20 and Table Topics Contest on September 29. We had 4 contestants in the Humorous Contest and all brought huge amount of laughter to us. We had 7 contestants in the Table Topics Contest and all were very inspiring. We had seen wonderful competitive spirit and top-notch speeches during the contest. We are also honored to announce the following results:

Table Topics Contest: 1st Place: Guru Singh; 2nd Place: David Cheung; 3rd Place: Sunday Asha






Humorous Speech Contest: 1st Place: Victoria Barclay; 2nd Place: Michael Krawczyk


img_0379 img_0382