Update from District 60: New Toastmasters Leadership Opportunity – 411 Committee


Dear Toast of CIBC members:

Here is some great update from our district’s Lieutenant Governor Education and Training (LGET)

Beginning in 2014, our District will be forming a new Standing Committee under the Lieutenant Governor of Education and Training Office. The Committee, formally known as the “411 Committee”, will be a conduit for resources and information within our District. I am currently seeking interested Toastmasters from each Division within our District to be members on the Committee. If you have a passion for speech contests, club officer training, and policies/procedures, I encourage you to apply to this committee.

As a Standing Committee member, you will be required to commit for a minimum period of 12 months (1 year), with the option to remain on the Committee after your term. The approximate time commitment is 1 to 2 hours per week, however this may increase to 5-10 hours per week during the speech contest seasons.

Within the Committee your duties will include: Preparing educational and training resources; Providing training workshops at various levels; Serving as speech contest volunteer (i.e. Test speaker, judge, ballot counter, etc.); Assisting with District Succession Planning; and, Providing Club Officer Certification Training.

If you are interested in pursuing this leadership opportunity, please email 411@toastmasters60.com with the following information: Your Name, Toastmasters Designation, Club Name, Area and Division; Any previous positions held within Toastmasters; and, A small statement as to your interest in the Committee.

If you have any questions regarding this opportunity, please contact me directly at lget@toastmasters60.com. Due to the large volume of emails, I will do my best to respond within a 48 hour time period.

Yours in Toastmasters,

Colin Williams, DTM, LGET


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