“Ignite Your Brilliance” workshop, May 6, 5.15 pm


Are you living to your full potential?
Are you living the life of your dreams?
If you answered “no” to either of these questions then Ignite Your Brilliance workshop is perfect for you!
This fabulous, fun, and interactive workshop Phil Tasci, Division F Education Ambassador will help you illuminate the path to your full potential. You will get the tools to overcome the obstacles that are in your way so that your life will shine. By following the Ignite Your Brilliance formula, you will move towards the career of your dreams, you will feel a deeper connection to yourself and to the people in your life, and you will become the envied example of a life well lived.

Take the first step towards igniting your brilliance by registering today at divisionF@toastmasters60.org with your name using title “Ignite Your Brilliance” !

Monday, May 6
Registration 5.15 pm, event starts 5.30 pm sharp.
Bank of Nova Scotia 44 King W,
4th floor, Scooner Room

Note : $5 cover fee


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