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“Human” Speech Contest – Nov 12th at Holiday Inn

November 30, 2011

When I stepped into Holiday Inn and looked at the “Today’s Events” screen, I found District 60 is running a “Human” Speech Contest as part of the Fall Conference program. With all the automations in today’s society, we – as human beings – are still not replaceable at Speech Contests!

This year, the Humorous Speech contest is held as part of the District Governor’s Gala. After all of us have enjoyed our dinner, we could relax and enjoy 8 humorous speeches. A quick summary of most humorous speeches (my humble opinions):

– 1st contestant (Paul Vermeer) tells us all relationships have a scoring system. From the viewpoint of Men, the points earned is varies based on level of difficulty and its effect. On the other side of the scale, Women only give out 1 point for something well done (by Men). He concludes that all we really needed in a relationship is love and balance.
– 3rd contestant (Mathew Kleinsoky) is the Champion of this contest. He opens with a very simple statement – “I am an Evaluation Junkie”. He told us how he got addicted to provide evaluation and what happened when tried to take on more chores at home. He even brought a super small t-shirt and a pair of grey coloured socks to demonstrate two most common laundry disasters. He concludes his humorous speech by repeating his opening statement.
– 4th contestant (Mina Yun from Division F) is placed 2nd at this contest. She telling us why she calls Canada her home even she is a Korean. She is very lively with vocal varieties and gesture. She told us three examples of why she love Canada – proper sit-down toilet, serve fresh “dead” meat and Canadians rank women 1st, children 2nd, dogs 3rd and men 4th (contrast with Korea – men 1st and women 2nd).
– 5th contestant (Bruce Bullock) tells us a new “Cockroach Effect” theory (similar to “Butterfly Effect”). When he found a cockroach at one of the Rogers training room, he calls Rogers Help Desk and was asked to provide the specific species of the cockroach before they could provide any assistance. This lead to everyone researching cockroaches with Wikipedia. Now, I feel better when I found out not only me getting trouble going through Rogers “Help Desk” as a customer.

From the other contestants, we also learn how not to judge others by their accents, M.O.M (Multiple Online-dating Memories), mis-interpret the number before the grocery list as quantity, how men hunt & women gather evolved, etc.

If you have fun reading this blog, you should know how much more fun you have missed. Hope to see you at the next “Human” Contest!

…./Thomas Chan


How to Give an Effective Evaluation

November 17, 2011

Ron Tsang has participated and won many Toastmasters contests including the Speech Evaluation Contest in 2010. We are proud to have Ron as part of our Toastmasters club and encourage you to watch Ron’s video below to learn how to give an effective evaluation!