Table Topics Contest


On Thursday, August 25th, our club held its second contest of 2011. The Table Topics Contest is designed to encourage development of impromptu speaking skills. Contestants are given the same topic and have up to 2 minutes to spontaneously speak without any prior preparation.

This year’s contest chaired by Deborah Kuo, included five great contestants. Thomas, Peter, Valerie, Ken, and Ronald shared their stories on the selected topic ‘Summertime’. Valerie took us back to her childhood memories of summer BBQs and quality time with her family. Ron’s humorous speech, started off with a tribute to the 80’s Fresh Prince and Jazzy Jeff song ‘Summertime’. Thomas talked about the benefits of others enjoying their summer vacation while he gets to take advantage of a more relaxed drive and lots of parking at work! Ken’s traveling adventures this summer to Vancouver and Alberta, left everyone wanting more vacation. Peter shared his busy summer activities which included weddings, birthdays, and more; he did manage to find some time to have fun with the road bike he bought this summer. All contestants were entertaining and did an amazing job.

External Chief Judge, our Area Governor, Melanie led the contest and was joined by four other secret judges.
We congratulate the winners of the 2011 Table Topics Contest:

First Place – Ron Tsang
Second Place – Peter Michaels
Third Place – Thomas Chan

We congratulate all contestants and wish Ron, who will be moving onto the Area level contest, the best of luck.


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