Humorous Speech Contest


On Thursday, September 8th, our club held its third contest of 2011.  The Humorous Speech Contest allows speakers to improve their speaking skills by preparing a 5 to 7 minute humorous speech on any topic.  

This year’s contest chaired by Ross Lu, included four great contestants.  Victoria, Anton, Deborah, and Shar provided entertaining speeches and had the audience laughing out loud.  Victoria’s speech ‘A Risk Manager Takes a Canoe Trip’ was the hilarious story of her last family canoe trip and getting her city kids used to nature; it was a depiction of city versus wild life, death by canoe versus death by bear! Anton’s story ‘Life as I see it’ ,as seen through his camera lens, described his family trip to South Africa and surviving a large elephant.   Deborah’s ‘Feeling My age’ was a funny story of Deborah’s life when she was younger and how things have changed as she has gotten older, feeling her age.  Shar shared her adventures on the Red Rocket and described how despite the rush hour, she enjoys the big race to get a seat and do some yoga on the train.

Chief Judge Thomas Chan led the contest and was joined by five other secret judges.
We congratulate the winners of the 2011 Humorous Speech Contest:

First Place – Victoria Barclay
Second Place – Deborah Kuo

We congratulate all contestants and wish Victoria, who will be moving onto the Area level contest, the best of luck.  


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