President’s Message: How May I . . .



My mission statement for the year is: How may I help you achieve your goals?

We all joined ToastMasters – because “we wanna learn how to talk betta”

Or after being with Toastmasters a while, we could say:

We joined because we wanted to communicate more effectively and efficiently with friends, family, colleagues, peers, and management, speaking more succinctly.

We all have a message we want to communicate clearly – regardless if it is a joke, an interesting story or a work related event

+ But communication is not just talking or speaking, it also about listening.
Listening is sometimes more important than speaking as it involves understanding the message being communicated.
If we don’t understand the message, how can we act or respond?

+But communications is also about RESPECT – If you are speaking with or listening to someone else, how do they know the message is being received? – I suggest that it is in body language – the way we react to it – and the most important way is to show respect .

How can we do this? – Well, in a Toastmaster setting, this is easy – When someone is speaking, DON’T fret, squirm, stare into space, at the ceiling or start playing with your Blackberry or phone. To show respectsmile slightly as you look at the speaker, nod your head, become engaged.

So let me close by restating my original mission statementHow may I help you achieve your goals?


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