President’s Message


Written by Hondy Hung

Fellow Toastmasters and most welcomed guests.

Do you know anyone that was born with the ability to ride a bike? 

Me neither. 

Do you know anyone that can ride a bike? 

I know lots too. 

So how does one pick up a skill in which they aren’t born with?  Simple – through observing, learning, and doing.

The above concept is intuitive to most people, and can be extended to public speaking as well.  Often, people are hesitant about speaking in public because they feel that they were not born with the talent. It is
perceived that only extroverts will have the ability to control the stage.  Fortunately, it’s just a misperception.

Just like riding a bike, public speaking can be acquired through observing, learning, and doing.  Toastmasters provide the environment to help make it happen.  Every club meeting, members and guests get to watch prepared speeches, absorb evaluation suggestions, and speak in front of an audience.  We are a supportive club with people helping people, year after year.  I learned a lot from Toastmasters and as
President this year, my pledge is to return it back.  My goal is to help you grow because as Dale Carnegie put it, “Great speakers are not born, they’re trained.”


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